Day Without Hate - T-shirts

Day Without Hate - T-Shirt Ordering

Shirts must be ordered in bulk through your school. We're happy to help you set up how to order shirts if you're brand new to DWOH! For Jeffco schools, order forms were sent to every Jeffco activities director. Please download the forms and ordering guidelines here:

Official Order Form

Spanish Language Order Form

Ordering Guidelines

Click here to place your school’s bulk order

Tips for Ordering Shirts

  1. Print an order form for every student and staff member in your school

    1. In elementary schools, send home the individual forms through student Homerooms in Homework Folders.

    2. In high schools, pass out order forms to each student in Home Room. If your school doesn’t have Homerooms, consider distributing the forms through English classes.

  2. Ask Homeroom teachers to collect the forms and money from each student. Then, teachers can give the forms to one person in the school who will place the school’s bulk order.

  3. Your bulk order is due Wednesday, March 18. We suggest collecting the individual order forms by Friday, March 13. However, please feel free to edit our suggested date on the form you pass out to students.

DWOH T-shirt Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does the money go?

Our t-shirt supplier, 4impact!, donates 100% of the profits to Day Without Hate. The funds go to two places. They fuel the Day Without Hate Peace Scholarship. Over the past three years, DWOH has given almost $20,000 to students working to promote the ideals of Day Without Hate. The t-shirt profits also pay for the DWOH Rally.

  1. Can I place individual orders?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 4impact! is a very small business, and they cannot handle individual orders. After April 18, we may be able to open our website for individual orders.

  1. I missed the deadline for placing the bulk order! Am I too late?

Contact Stephen Holmes at He may be able to assist you.

  1. March 18 is over Spring Break for my school. What do I do?

This will be just fine. Again, contact Stephen Holmes at for assistance.

  1. Do I need a new t-shirt to attend the DWOH Rally?

No. Any DWOH t-shirt will get you in. Shirts will also be sold at the gates for $5.

  1. Who can attend the DWOH Rally?

The Rally is open to any high school student in Colorado. Please visit our Rally page for more info on the event.